DIY Installation

With reasonable DIY expertise and some special equipment, you can install a satellite dish yourself.

Get a satellite dish

You will need a satellite dish antenna with an LNB (the device at the front of the dish that picks up the signals collected by the dish reflector) to receive the TV signals from the ASTRA satellites. These are inexpensive and can be purchased from retail stores and specialist satellite TV dealers.

Your dish needs to be fixed in position on your home (or in the garden), aimed precisely at the orbital position where ASTRA satellites broadcast the channels that you want, and fitted with cables to take the signals into your home.

The ASTRA satellites are located in five ‘orbital positions’ in the sky over Europe with one or more satellites at each position. Usually, your dish will pick up signals from just one of these positions (although special dishes are available to receive signals from two or more positions). The size of the dish you need depends on which orbital position the signals are coming from and on your own location within the satellite beam, or ‘footprint’.

In many countries, a dish of only 45-60cm diameter is all you require. You can get guidance on the size you need from the individual broadcasters, from Pay-TV service providers and by referring to the footprint maps in our Channel Guide.

How to point your dish

Based on what channels you would like to watch, which you can check in our Channel Guide, you will need to point your dish to the corresponding satellite orbital position. Your dish needs to be aligned according to three settings: Elevation, Azimuth and LNB Skew. You can check these details for your location using an App like Dishpointer If you have any difficulties, ask a professional for help.

Get a set-top box

Your existing TV may include an integrated satellite tuner. Otherwise, to watch channels from ASTRA, you will need a separate satellite set-top box to connect to the dish and to your TV.

Your STB features

As well as displaying ASTRA channels on your TV, the set-top box will provide an on-screen guide to the broadcasts and, depending on the model, it may also record  – and even suggest – programmes to watch later, provide interactive information and entertainment, and link up to the internet and your mobile devices.

Purchasing your STB

You can purchase your set-top box from many large chain stores or from specialist satellite TV dealers. If you subscribe to a Pay-TV platform, the provider will recommend the set-top box for the service and may provide it to you to rent or buy.

Connecting your STB

Connecting the set-top box to your TV and dish is straightforward. The coax cable from the LNB (the device at the front of the dish that picks up the signals collected by the dish reflector) is connected into the set-top box. The TV is then connected to the set-top box, usually with a SCART or HDMI cable.


Enjoy TV from ASTRA

With your dish pointed at an ASTRA satellite and connected to your set-top box and TV, you now need to tune the set-top box so all the channels load in your on-screen guide, as shown in the set-top box instructions manual. Once this is complete, you are all set to receive the wealth of TV from ASTRA. Welcome to a wonderful world of information, sport and entertainment.

Check out the channels you can enjoy!