High-speed internet at your home

With download speeds of up to 20Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 2Mbit/s, our Astra Connect service allows you to check your emails, read the latest news, upload documents, download music, stream videos and much more...and all at ease!


As an ASTRA Connect subscriber, you will be able to choose from a broad variety of services tailored specifically for your requirements.

For pricing and details of the different connection packages available in your area, please refer to your local ASTRA Connect service provider.

On top of Internet access, ASTRA Connect’s triple play feature also allows you to make telephone calls and receive satellite television , all by using one same single dish. Learn more about TV reception from the Astra Connect dish.

The end user terminal

Using just one dish on your property and a satellite modem which connects to your PC, our low-cost equipment pack includes all you need to connect to satellite broadband. Made to the highest specifications for years of reliable use, it truly is “fit-and-forget”.

The end user terminal comprises of:

  • Compact 78 cm dish and iLNB – to transmit and receive satellite signals
  • IP modem – converts satellite signals to/from computer data
  • Installation aid tool - alignment aid for do-it-yourself installation
  • Set of cables – to connect between your dish, modem and computer
  • Installation instructions – on CD and printed manual

When you add our optional television pack of multifeed clamp and quad LNB, along with a standard satellite television set-top box, you can use your ASTRA Connect dish to receive hundreds of satellite television and radio channels in digital quality. Add-on television packs can be bought from your ASTRA Connect service provider.


Do-it-yourself installation

Our equipment has been designed to be exceptionally simple to fit and set up. You can either set up the dish and terminal yourself or, if preferred, have a professional installer.

Our system needs no extra software to load on to your computer and whichever option you choose you can rest assured that the lit will be quickly and simply installed with only a few basic tools.

The below videos will show you the installation process.

For detailed installation instructions, please consult the manuals delivered with the terminals.

Installing Astra Connect - Newtec

Installing Astra Connect using Newtec terminal

Installing Astra Connect - Gilat

Installing ASTRA Connect using Gilat equipment