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How can I receive ASTRA channels outside of the coverage area?

It is not possible to receive an ASTRA channel outside of the coverage area of the satellite broadcasting that channel. However, channels may extend their reach with an additional transmission from another ASTRA satellite, and new satellites may have an enlarged coverage zone, so you may be able to receive the channel in the future. Keep checking our Channel Guide for updates.

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Why do different ASTRA channels have different reception areas?

The thousands of ASTRA channels broadcast from different satellites in the ASTRA satellite fleet, which provide different approaches to coverage to suit the different requirements of the broadcasters. Some satellites provide a very concentrated signal, receivable on very small dishes, in just one or two countries while others require a larger dish but can be received across many countries.

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Which ASTRA channels can I receive?

Wherever you live within the coverage zone of the ASTRA satellites, you will have many channels available to you. Individual channels broadcast on one or more ASTRA satellites and individual satellites provide for reception over different areas. Our Channel Guide can be used to see the particular ASTRA channels available to you at your location.

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Can I receive ASTRA channels at my home?

The ASTRA satellites provide coverage across all of Europe. The coverage area (also known as the beam or ‘footprint’) of the satellite you are pointing to will determine which channels you can receive. Not all channels can be received throughout the whole coverage area, but if your home is within the area and you can aim point  a satellite dish at the satellites, then reception of a range of ASTRA channels is available.

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Is the ASTRA Connect equipment required to be powered all the time?

The ASTRA Connect modem should be powered whenever the connection is in use. The IP modem takes a few minutes to initialise when switched on and so it is preferable to keep it powered unless the connection is unused for an extended period. The ASTRA Connect equipment has a power consumption of less than 30W in use.

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Does satellite broadband suffer from delay or “latency”?

All internet connections suffer from some latency and because a satellite connection requires the signal to travel from the ground to the satellite and back again, this imposes a “satellite latency” of approximately half a second. However, we employ a variety of means to mitigate the effects of this delay, so it does not adversely affect normal use of the Astra Connect connection.
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How far from the computer can the modem and dish be?

Our Astra Connect equipment pack includes 30m of dual coax cable to connect the dish and IP modem. If this length must be exceeded, you should consult your service provider for advice. To connect the IP modem to your computer, an Ethernet cable of approximately 2.0m is supplied. You can substitute a longer cable if required.
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Can I use satellite broadband with a network?

You can connect your Astra Connect modem with an Ethernet cable either to an individual computer or to a network router/switch to link to a home network or local area network. The connection from the router to your network computers can be cabled or wireless.
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What sort of computer do I need to access satellite broadband?

Astra Connect requires no extra software to be loaded on your computer and can operate with PC (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) and Apple Macintosh (OS X) computers with Ethernet support.
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Which satellite does ASTRA Connect use?

Our ASTRA satellites at 23.5°E and 28.2°E are used for both downloading and uploading data for ASTRA Connect solutions.

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