More Channels, Unbeatable Quality
With our fleet of satellites, we deliver more channel choice than cable or terrestrial TV, direct to your home.

Television from ASTRA means more channels, unbeatable quality, and ease of access – wherever you are.

With our fleet of satellites, we deliver more channel choice than cable or terrestrial TV, direct to your home. Our satellites broadcast thousands of TV channels – as well as digital radio channels – to millions of homes across Europe.

With hundreds of channels to choose from, you benefit from an unrivalled choice of drama, sport, films, comedy, information, and more content, for all ages.

And our channel list keeps growing as new broadcasters join one of Europe’s most popular broadcasting systems.


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Astra is home to the best channels in Europe, available from many popular Pay-TV services. You will need to subscribe to the provider’s service to watch these channels. Note that some premium channels are intended for one country or region of Europe only, and may not be available in your area.

Unlike terrestrial systems, ASTRA is available everywhere: in the heart of the city or deep in the remote countryside – unaffected by weather, local geography or national boundaries. And from 36,000km above the Earth, a single satellite transmission can cover the whole continent.

Our high-power broadcasts only need the smallest of dishes – unobtrusive and easily fitted to give you instant access to a wealth of TV entertainment.


Rely on ASTRA

Our fleet of powerful satellites, are grouped in five positions in orbit high above Europe.  This arrangement means that in the unlikely event of a fault on one satellite, another can instantly step in to take its place, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted reception of all your favourite channels, all of the time.

Now even better

On ASTRA, quantity is not at the expense of quality. Our satellites are purpose-built to deliver programmes to your home as their creators intended, with clarity, realism and impact second to none. The technology we use handles high definition pictures, digital surround sound and interactive multi-screen entertainment with ease, as well as new TV formats, such as Ultra High Definition.

We broadcast the first digital TV and the first high definition TV channels to homes in Europe, and now we’re delivering the first Ultra High Definition channels, providing images with four times the detail of HD, deeper colour and enhanced sound – great for sport and entertainment.

You can experience the Ultra HD future of TV right now on ASTRA.

Ultra HD

We have been delivering TV by satellite to Europe for nearly 30 years. With unrivalled choice of channels, top quality and the latest technology, all available where no land-based broadcasts can reach – it’s no surprise we are the first choice of millions of homes.